Ayurveda is a science that we live daily.
The cornerstones of Ayurveda are ahara (diet) and vihara (lifestyle).
Ayurvedic therapies work with the physical, mental, and subtle energy levels to catalyze and accelerate our healing process.

Ayurvedic Treatments provide a way to balance bodily constitution, relieve pain, deeply nourish tissues, relieve stress, and calm the mind. Whether actively addressing an illness, or proactively supporting wellness there’s an Ayurvedic treatment that’s right for you. Not sure where to start? Contact us to inquire.

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“The great thing about Ayurveda is that its treatments always yield side benefits, not side effects.”

~ Shubhra Krishan


Basti: An Ayurvedic oil therapy. Organic flour is used to create a reservoir that is placed over the affected area of your body (i.e. spine, knee, eye, heart). Warm medicated oils are poured inside the reservoir, concentrating the healing benefits of the oil where you need it most.

Karna Purna: The practice of administering herbal oil to the ear, which supports ear health and issues such as tinnitus, hearing loss and vertigo. 

Lepa: A localized herbal application to deliver site or organ specific herbal action.

Marma Chikitsa: An Ayurvedic acupressure-energy treatment. A marma point is a portal of prana or vital life-force. When imbalances block the movement of free-flowing energy in the body, the resulting stagnation leads to physical and mental discomfort and disease. Marma therapy is useful in: pain, stress, tension, energetic or emotional issues, balancing digestion, clearing toxicity, and calming the mind. Read more about Marma here.

Nasya Karma: Nasal oleation, Nasya addresses issues of the head and neck physically and the mind subtly, removing stagnation, and creating clarity. Nasya can benefit those suffering from allergies, sinusitis, frequent colds, stress, insomnia, and headaches.

Netra Tarpana: Netra (eye) Tarpana (nourishment) tops the list of Ayurvedic therapies for issues of the eye. The organ of the eye, which also acts as a gateway to the mind and nervous system, is nourished with warm ghee in this stress relieving therapy. Localized marma therapy is also included. Read more about Netra Tarpana here.

Shirodhara: Shiro (head) + Dhara (pour). This traditional Ayuredic therapy is a form of oil therapy in which a continuous stream of warm oil is poured over the forehead and third eye. Shirodhara facilitates a deep state of relaxation and has a profound impact on the nervous system. Your session begins with Marma Therapy for the head, and doshically appropriate medicated oils are used for the pour. Read more about shirodhara here.