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Ayurveda excels as a science of prevention. Ayurveda is not interested in simply treating symptoms, but it seeks to understand and address the root cause in all pathologies, big or small. Being interested in root cause also means being interested in prevention. Ayurveda doesn't wait until a 'disease' has been identified in western allopathic terms, it understands the imbalances that proceed disease diagnosis - issues of digestion, elimination, sleep, energy, headaches, skin, etc as part of the development of more serious pathologies. Ayurveda understands diseases don't appear from no where; there is no such thing as idiopathic disease (unknown cause) in Ayurveda.

Our daily routines (dinacharya) are one of the most effective preventive measures we have - diet and lifestyle are our most powerful and constant forms of medicine. After daily routine we can look to seasonal routine (rṭucharya), as a way to regularly re-set and rebalance our constitution. 

Seasonal Cleanses & Rejuvenations are technologies of seasonal routine. They provide an opportunity to rebalance our constitution and clear out imbalances accumulated from the previous season.  They also cue us to adjust our daily routines to be seasonally appropriate. The transitions from winter to spring, and summer to fall are the two most common junctures to do a seasonal re-set. 

This emphasis on seasonal routine is why I offer twice yearly seasonal cleanses, Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse and Ayurvedic Fall Rejuvenation. Seasonal Cleanses and Rejuvenations are powerful ways to support your health and allow the body the opportunity for a healthy re-set. You can join my email list to hear about upcoming dates.

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