ayurvedic consultation: personalized wellness


Ayurveda, often translated as 'The Science of Life', is an ancient system of healing from India. Ayurveda looks at how the five elements manifest uniquely in each individual and addresses imbalances based on your unique constitution. The result? A modality that 'sees' you as a person, and not as your symptoms or disease. Clinical Ayurvedic work can focus on proactive wellness or on active symptomatology and disease process.

Ayurveda is a wonderful way to: improve your energy, digestion, and sleep; address a variety of health issues, re-envision your current lifestyle, compliment other healing modalities, provide holistic support for illness and disease, and bring more vibrancy to your life!

What does an Ayurvedic Consultation look like?
An Initial Consultation may include: an in-depth health history; Ayurvedic pulse assessment to determine your constitutional type (dosha); lifestyle & diet review and recommendations based on your constitution; a personalized daily routine; herbal recommendations; yoga asana, pranayama, and meditation recommendations; suggested educational/reading materials; and a complete personal protocol.

Initial Consolations Packages consist of two appointments. The Initial Consultation appointment is a 90 minute intake appointment, followed by a 60 minute Report of Findings appointment 1-2 weeks later. The package includes a full doshic assessment and two personalized protocols. At the Report of Findings appointment we’ll also create a wellness plan including duration of engagement, accountability support, and additional resources.

How does Ayurveda work?
Ayurveda is an incredibly effective system of self-healing. My job as an Ayurvedic Practitioner is to act as a guide on the healing path. The protocol you receive will be comprised largely of practices you’ll weave into your daily life. Using the Ayurvedic principle of ‘like increases like’ and ‘opposites balance’ your protocol will gently reverse the doshic imbalances that have manifested in your symptomatology. In my experience, the clients that see the most success with their wellness goals are the ones that are committed to small changes on a daily basis - transforming their lives step-by-step.

What do I need?
Ultimately to engage in Ayurvedic work, you just need an open mind and a willingness and dedication to integrate new practices into your life . The wisdom of yoga and ayurveda support the process.

How do I begin?
Booking an Initial Consultation Package is the first step. If you aren’t sure if Ayurveda is a good fit for your situation, I also offer a free 10-minute phone consultation so that we can discuss the particulars of your case, and you can have your questions answered. You may schedule either of these options online, see the link below.