healing: ayuveda vs. allopathic



This past weekend I had the good fortune of attending the annual conference for the National Ayurvedic Medicine Association in Chicago. I was surrounded by practitioners, researchers, and teachers of Ayurveda from around the world. The theme of this year's conference was 'Ayurveda and the Evolution of Modern Medicine'. While there was lengthy discussion of how we as practitioners of Ayurveda can integrate with the modern Western Medical paradigm, there were also ample reminders that Ayurveda as a science is fundamentally different than Allopathic (against disease) Medicine.    

In Ayurveda we are never treating the disease, we are always treating the individual. 

This means that Ayurveda looks different on many fundamental levels. It means healing will inherently be multi-dimensional, and that success is not measured simply and solely by cessation of symptoms. It means that the client will be empowered to be their own medicine, their own healer. It means that affecting change at the root cause will take time, and that clients must implement their Ayurvedic protocols with consistency and commitment in order for healing to flower. It means when we heal as individuals, we heal globally.

I came back newly inspired and continually honored to walk this healing path with my clients. In this vein I continue to find new ways to share these teaching with you. May it be of service.