hrid basti: nourishing the heart


Hrid refers to hridaya, the space of the heart. Basti means container or retainer. Hrid Basti is an Ayurvedic treatment for the heart, both the physical heart and the emotional heart. Organic flour is used to create a reservoir that is placed over the sternum. Warm, medicated, herbal oils are poured inside the reservoir, concentrating the healing benefits of the oil where you need it most.

This treatment is supportive for
- aggravated vata in the chest region, nourishing the cardiac muscles, loosening the grip of deep seated grief, unresolved emotions, soothing the lungs, deeply relaxation and rejuvenation.

Avoid this treatment if you are experiencing
- skin infection, pregnancy, current menstruation

- Like most Ayurvedic therapies, it is advisable to not eat anything 90 minutes prior to your treatment.

After Care
- Hrid Basti is most therapeutic when experienced as a series of treatments. Please contact your Ayurvedic practitioner to inquire what kind of series would be most therapeutic for you.