kati basti: low back therapy

kati basti - low back ayurvedic treatment

Kati Basti is an Ayurvedic oil therapy for the low back. Organic flour is used to create a reservoir that is placed over the lumbar spine and sacrum. The pelvis, sacrum, lumbar spine, and colon are all considered home sites of Vata dosha, and will be places where the symptoms of Vata imbalance first express. Warm, medicated, herbal oils are poured inside the reservoir, concentrating the healing benefits of the oil where you need it most. The warm, unctuous, lubricating qualities of the oil counter the effects of excess cold, dry, rough, mobile Vata qualities in the lower body, nourishing spinal discs, and countering the effects of arthritis. As it calms Vata, it will leave you feeling deeply grounded and relaxed.

This treatment is supportive for
- low back pain, sciatica, stiffness, slipped spinal discs, prolapsed vertebra, muscle spasms, lumbar scoliosis, vertebral bone spurs

Avoid this treatment if you are experiencing
- swelling in the lumbar region, pregnancy, skin infection, current menstruation, or are unable to lie prone for 10+ minutes.

- Like most Ayurvedic therapies, it is advisable to not eat anything 90 minutes prior to your treatment.

After Care
- rest, gentle movement and/or asana is recommended for a few days following treatment. Avoid stress on the lumbar region while undergoing Kati Basti treatment.

Kati Basti is most therapeutic when experienced as a series of treatments. Please contact your Ayurvedic practitioner to inquire what kind of series would be most therapeutic for you.