keeping our cool

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It's monsoon season here in Pune, and it's hot and wet. Not Indian hot mind you, but plenty for this mid-western girl, especially when your days are sent doing body work, working with hot oils, steam boxes, etc. The name of the game for my wellness here is managing my Pitta.

Pitta Dosha is a combination of fire + water elements. This dosha is recognizable by its hot, sharp, quick, oily, spreading, and intense qualities. Exposure to these qualities in our diet, lifestyle, and/or environment will increase these qualities in our bodies with the potential to create imbalance if they take us beyond our natural 'set' point.

We can counter this imbalance by working with the qualities opposite of Pitta: cool, slow, dry, stable, and gentle qualities. We can access these qualities via diet, lifestyle, and/or environment. The apothecary stocks some of my favorite Ayurvedic lifestyle items for Pitta pacification. Whether making the switch to Pitta Daily massage oil, brewing a daily cup of Pitta Herbal Tea (try it as a Sun, or even better Moon, tea), or using the cooling aromatherapy qualities of Jasmine or Khus, or simmering down with a cool spritz of rose water Ayurveda is here to help body, mind and spirit.

May you enjoy your summer days to their fullest with balance and joy!

Yours in radical wellness,

AyurvedaKara Aubin