netra tarpana: deep nourishment


Netra (eye) Tarpana (nourishment) is a specialized type of local oil treatment called ‘basti’. Netra Tarpana tops the list of Ayurvedic therapies for issues of the eye. The organ of the eye also acts as a gateway to the mind and nervous system, and as such this therapy interfaces with, and nourishes, both.

In this stress relieving therapy, a dough reservoir is placed over the eye, and then filled with warm ghee. The client is guided though a series of eye exercises while the ghee nourishes the eye and surrounding tissues. Localized Ayurvedic acupressure (marma therapy) begins the treatment to open the channels to receive the unctuous qualities of the ghee.

- dry or burning eyes, excessive screen time, black spots, floaters, Bell’s Palsy, astigmatism, exhausted nervous system, busy mind, stress

- eye infection, glaucoma, pregnancy, menstruation, sinus congestion

Like most Ayurvedic therapies, it is advisable to not eat anything 90 minutes prior to your treatment.

After Care:
Please bring sunglasses with you to your treatment. You will want to avoid bright light (including artificial light of electronics and screens) for 3 hours after treatment. Netra Tarpana unfolds a deep level of relaxation. It’s recommended to give yourself adequate transition time and not have anything you need to rush back into after your treatment.

Netra Tarpana is most therapeutic when experienced as a series of treatments. Please contact your Ayurvedic practitioner to inquire what kind of series would be most therapeutic for you.