one small step


So much movement...
Cala (pronounced chala), is an Ayurvedic term that describes the quality of movement. It's also a word that describes how so many of us experience this season of the holidays (and much of life in the US). We're in constant motion. Besides our already over-scheduled lives, we add in gatherings, parties, gift-wrangling (making, choosing, etc), volunteering, and the general seasonal merriment - and we find ourselves spent. It's not that these are places you don't want to be, or people you don't want to be with, it's the additional load on a system that may be already over-taxed.

When there's an excess of cala quality it can provoke vata dosha, or the air and ether elements within us. Symptoms of this provocation can be dry skin, dry digestion, constipation, a mobile/spacey mind, insomnia, anxiety, and fear. These aren't the states from which we can best show up for our friends and families this time of year. 

What to do?
This is the perfect opportunity to get very intentional  with our daily practices. Whether your practice is yoga asana, pranayama, meditation, prayer, oil massage, journaling, gratitudes, or the many other ways one can check-in, re-center, and set intention; the busier life gets, the more important these practices are. The cala quality needs containment for balance, and one of the most effective ways to provide it is through rhythm and routine. 

One small step...
So this season I invite you to radically commit to one small step.  One small practice that you will do daily, 5 or 10 minutes even, that you will gift to your Self, so that you can enter the world feeling and being more your Self. What this practice is matters less than your commitment to it. So pick one from the list above, or dust one off from your shelf of self-care practices, and make it yours for this month. Everyday come back to this one small step. Get still, get quiet, find your breath, and remember center. It CAN be this simple.

May your holiday season be bright, and may you keep your heart full throughout. I hope to see you on the mat. 
Bright Blessings, 

AyurvedaKara Aubin