keeping track: daily journal

My Spring Cleanse Weekend is just around the corner, and soon it will  be time for pre-cleanse prep. One of these steps is beginning to slow down and take stock of where we have frenetically ended up. Journaling and keeping a daily-log is a great way to begin to do this. For a tech-geek like me, I love having my daily log with me all the time so I can record thoughts, inspirations, meals, practices, etc as I go. I've found Day One to be my favorite way to keep track. This little app is on all my devices, and keeps itself synced. The interface is super clean, and easy to use. It even makes a date, time, and weather note in your entry, which is great for looking at your recordings in an ayurvedic light. If you're planning to cleanse this spring, and don't already journal, why not use this time as the perfect opportunity to start. If you're already keeping a daily log, share your journaling tips with us below.