An Indian Adventure


I'm excited to officially share (on the interwebs) that I've been invited to assist my teacher, Dr. Vasant Lad, in India this fall. Each year the Ayurvedic Institute hosts intensive Ayurvedic programs on their campus outside of Pune and this mid-October through December I'll be there facilitating the participation of Ayurvedic students from around the globe.

Where's Pune?

Pune, pronounced (Poo-nay), is in Maharashtra, the same state of which Mumbai/Bombay is the capital. Pune is near the western coast, 4 or so hours from Mumbai. Here's a map.

What will I be doing?

Dr. Lad now runs two clinics in India during his six months a year in residence. The original clinic is in the city of Pune, and a new clinic is located on in a rural area ~1 hour outside of the city. The program I will be facilitating, called Guru Kula, is an opportunity for Ayurvedic students to observe Dr. Lad working in these clinical settings, and then spend time in session reviewing protocols, approaches, and herbal treatments from the week's clients. Students stay on campus, and the daily schedule, food, and activities are structured to support an Ayurvedic lifestyle.

The idea of spending an extended period of time in India, with its beauty and challenges so closely interwoven sounds like a timely medicine I welcome. I am touched by this opportunity to continue to study with and assist my teacher in a clinical setting. During my stay in India I'll be blogging and sharing daily life via social media. You can connect with me here, Facebook, or on instagram. I'd love to answer any questions you have about my upcoming travel in the comments below.

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