Why Sva Sadhana?

Sva translates as 'of the self', and sadhana is 'an instrument, or means’… the Sva Sadhana training is an invitation to a journey of radical Self-discovery with the support of a dynamic group along the way.
Ayurveda, the science of life, is used to create the level of wellness needed to do our work in the world (dharma). Yoga is the science of self-knowledge, that allows us to see clearly the true nature of ourselves (atman). Using the sister sciences of yoga & Ayurveda, the Sva Sadhana Training delivers tools from these ancient sciences that will shape your modern daily life to bring you greater health, purpose, and clarity.

This training is hosted in Kalamazoo, MI by ParaYoga teacher and Ayurvedic Practitioner, Kara Aubin.


who is this training for

This nine month program is a training program for students of yoga who want to deepen into self-study and practice. This experience provides the tools for self-exploration, growth, and transformation within the supportive container of a community. The program is suited for those who have always wanted to expand their understanding of yoga and Ayurveda, practitioners who desire recommitment to their self-practice, and those who seek the experience of a training, but do not desire to teach.
* This training also counts towards Continuing Education (CEU) hours for Yoga Alliance registered teachers.

the path to practice

In this 108 hour training, focus is given to creating a supportive container for growth and exploration. In addition to weekend immersions; a private session with Kara, a course manual, and digital resources are included in the training. This course will use āsana as just one tool on the path of self-mastery, and will focus on exploring the extensive practices of Ayurveda as well as the subtle aspects of pranayama, meditation, bandha, mudra, and guided relaxation. Sva Sadhana will provide you with tools that you can use at home and off the mat, in your everyday life.

Optional resources to further your practice include:

  • Weekly group practices with Kara

  • Local weekend retreat

  • Personal Ayurvedic consultation & coaching

topics of study include

  • Ayurvedic theory & self-application

  • Ayurvedic diet & lifestyle

  • Building a self-practice using:

    • Dinacarya (daily routine)

    • Asana

    • Bandha

    • Mudra

    • Pranayama

    • Meditation

    • Mantra

  • Classical texts & philosophy of yoga

  • Living your yoga off the mat

  • Yoga + Social Justice


training dates & location

2019-2020 dates coming soon.

The 2018-2019 Sva Sadhana training begins October 2018.
We meet for one weekend intensive a month, for nine months.

Saturdays: 8:30a-5p (with a break for lunch)
Sundays: 12:30p-5p

2018-2019 dates:
- October 6-7
- November 10-11
- December 8-9
- January 12-13
- February 9-10
- March 2-3
- April 6-7
- May 4-5
- June 1-2

Social Justice Workshop dates TBA

* If training hours are missed, student may make them up in a future training for free, or via private session time with Kara, billable at current rates.

Weekend intensives will be hosted by Down Dog Yoga Center in Kalamazoo, MI.


what past participants say...

I was excited and the training was a perfect fit for what I had been seeking for years, as I did not want to do a 'teacher training' and have always been curious to delve into Ayurveda. At the end of every weekend I felt and feel so grateful for the breadth of your wisdom, the culmination of our time together and the togetherness I feel with my fellow yogis. ~ JH

I gained an experience of 'food as medicine' (not just theory). The real, practical, actionable experience of creating and consuming foods that are helpful and nourishing, as opposed to neutral or harmful-to-me foods, was an eye opening experience. ~ JN

I feel like before, I went to yoga class and when that class was over, so was yoga. Not anymore! I enjoy taking care of myself. It helps me slow down. Seeing results of starting my day off properly [...] is profound. It only took my 53 years (of this lifetime) to get here, but I'm so glad I'm here now. ~ LC

My biggest discovery was how accessible the 'tools' became over the year. Especially in the daily realm. A discovery beyond knowing that the tools are there... having confidence & awareness to use and understand what is in the toolbox. ~ JM

I value routines and know how to nourish myself - in food, body, connections, and my work. The content, the experience, the delivery of teachings, and the group were excellent! I now have a daily practice that happened because of the length of this training and the focus of the teachings. ~ DW

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